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Watch2Gether is a platform that allows you to watch videos with your friends and family remotely wherever they are in the world. While watching, you can also interact with each other via text and video chat. Watch2Gether works right on your browser and you do not need to install any software. You don't even have to create an account to start a collective video watching experience. 

Watch2Gether supports webcam video and screen sharing. You can hold video chats with everyone in the room, share your screen and browse the web together. However, only "up to 10 users can enable their cams simultaneously. If a room hosts more than 10 users, the webcam feature will automatically be disabled. All other features of the room will continue to work".

Watch2Gether review

How to use Watch2Gether in your teaching?

Fo us in education, Watch2Gether can be really helpful. For instance, you can use it to watch educational video content with your students in real time and from ahywhere in the world.

It is also great for flipped classroom learning and remote instruction. Students can use the chat feature to engage with the video content you are watching. They can comment, share feedback, ask questions, etc. As a teacher, you can keep students focused by asking comprehension questions and monitoring their discussion in real time.

You have full moderation control over the whole collective video watching experience with your students. You can ban naughty students from the room, assign moderation roles to specific individuals, decide who can use their webcam and chat and who can not, control who can play/ pause videos, etc.

You can also use Watch2gether for video conferencing with your students or with fellow teachers, parents, etc. With a single click you can enable your camera and be able to audio-visually engage with the members of your room. Effectively, you can use Watch2Gether the same way you would use any other video conferencing tool.

Another way to use Watch2Gether in your teaching is by taking advantage of the screen share functionality. For instance, you can share your screen with students to walk them through the process of solving a given problem, browse educational resources together, explain how a particular tool works, etc. Screen sharing is ideal for creating and sharing step by step tutorials and instructional guidelines.

How does Watch2Gether work?

The way Watch2Gether works is simple and easy. First, create a room; second, search for videos or other content to add to your playlist; third,  share the URL of the room with your friends or colleagues so they can join and watch the playlist with you. When your friends join the room, they will be able to see the same moment of the video. That is, the video is shown in-sync to everyone in the room. 

Keep in mind that Watch2Gether is not a streaming service where you broadcast video content for others to watch. Instead, it is a collaborative social platform where everyone in the room can add their own video content and share with the group to watch.

How to create a room in Watch2Gether?

Creating a room allows you to build your playlists (including personal playlists) and invite others to watch videos with you. You do not have to log in to create a room. You can still create temporary rooms to share with your friends and colleagues but these rooms are only valid for one day after which they are automatically deleted. Register with  Watch2Gether to create permanent rooms. Registration is free.

When you log in to your  Watch2Gether account, click on the yellow + sign to create a room. Next, pick a nickname and click on Join the Room. You can search for YouTube videos right from within your room using the search bar in top of the page. You can also copy the URL of the video you want to watch with your friends and past it into the search bar. When you find the video your are interested in click on the plus sign to add it to your playlist. Your playlist will appear in the right hand side from there you can shuffle, add/delete videos. 

When your playlist is ready, click on the share button on the top right corner and copy the generated URL. You can share your URL via email, social media, Whatsapp, and more. "All rooms are private by default. The link to a room is not published anywhere on Watch2Gether and no random users can join your room. However, you can share the link with as many people as you like".

As the creator of a room you are also its moderator but you can delegate moderation to any member in the room. By default, Watch2Gether allows everyone in the room to add content to playlists and play videos but you can use room settings to exercise more control over your room. For instance, you can ban members, you can choose who can take part in chat, share webcam, play videos, switch playlists, and more. 

Which video content does Watch2Gether support?

Watch2Gether is integrated with multiple content platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Tiktok, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more. To access and search for content on any of the platforms supported by  Watch2Gether you need to select the platform symbol  on the left side of the search bar and type in your search query. 

"For not directly integrated sources such as Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime you can use the W2gSync feature which can synchronize external sources with the help of Watch2Gether  extension ".

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Watch2Gether Chrome extension

Watch2Gether Chrome extension lets you share content from anywhere in the web right into your Watch2Gether room. The extension is especially helpful for content from platforms that are not supported by Watch2Gether. Use W2gSync feature to sync-watch videos on Watch2Gether.

How much does Watch2gether cost?

Watch2Gether free plan comes with limited features. For more features you need to upgrade to one of their two premium plans: Watch2Gether Plus ($2.90/month) and Watch2Gether Pro ($7.90/month). 

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