What is SafeShare TV? Teachers Full Guide

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SafeShate TV is a website that allows you to watch YouTube and Vimeo videos in a clutter and distraction free environment. SafeShare removes all distracting features from videos including links to related videos, inappropriate ad prerolls, and annotations thus providing a safer watching experience. Safeshare TV is definitely a good platform to use with your students.

Instead of using third party tools to convert YouTube videos to acceptable renditions for use in your class, with a single click you can generate video content that students (and anyone else for that matter)  can watch in a secure environment. 

SafeShare TV

 Using SafeShare TV, you will be able to remove the potential sources of inappropriate content (e.g. related videos, comments, etc) that usually accompanies videos on YouTube and Vimeo. The way it works is simple and easy. Copy the URL of the video you want to turn into a Safeview and paste it in SafeShare's  search box then click on 'Create SafeView'. There you go! You now have a video that plays in a neat and clean surface. 

SafeShare features

SafeShare provides a number of useful features that make YouTube and Vimeo video watching experiences even more student friendlier. As a teacher, when you generate a SafeView version of your videos you also have the option to trim videos to show only the parts you want to share with your students. Select the specific points or timestamps in your video and share focused clips. In this way, you will not only save extra teaching time that you can channel towards other learning activities in class but you will also reduce possibilities of students getting distracted and losing focus.

SafeShare TV

You can also edit the title and description of YouTube videos in SafeShare. For instance, when you trim the video you can provide a title for it and a short description explaining to students what it is about. Or, you can use the description section to share with students specific instructions and guidelines concerning the content of the video or how to interact with it. You can also include comprehension check questions and many more.

As the creator of SafeViews, you have full control over the privacy settings of your videos and playlists. Videos generated through SafeShare can be shared using a unique URL or QR Code, through email, social media sites, and many more. They can also be shared directly to Google Classroom.

To make the best of SafeShare TV, I would recommend that you open an account with them. In your SafeShare account,  you will be able to create playlists, create circles (which are groups of contacts), and share videos with your contacts. In fact, Circles is a great feature to use with your students. You can manually add students to your circles and with a single click share Safeviews with them.The free version of SafeShare restricts you to only 10 contacts, for more you need to subscribe to the premium version.

SafeShare TV  is available in three more languages besides English: Nederlands, Portugues, and Spanish. 

SafeShare TV

Keep in mind that the free basic SafeShare plan offers limited options including only 20 Safeviews, 2 playlists, 10 contacts, and 2 circles. Premium plan offers unlimited access to all these features.

In a note to parents, here is what SafeShare stated:

 YouTube's "Safety Mode" is far from foolproof. There are many videos without appropriate age restrictions. In fact, some videos are specifically created to fool YouTube's content filters, as reported by the New York Times: "On YouTube Kids, Startling Videos Slip Past Filters". SafeShare was launched to keep parents reassured, and to keep children safe when watching online videos.