5 Interesting iPad Apps Free Today

October 22, 2016
This week’s apps gone free collection features 5 interesting iPad apps that are on sale now and only for a limited period of time. For those of you new to our blog, this deal is valid at least here in Canada as well as the USA, not sure about other parts of the world. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: enhance your YouTube viewing experience, create awesome watercolour paintings, compare data and trends across different countries, quickly launch a wide variety of apps right from your notification centre and many more.

1- Tubot for YouTube

Tubot is a YouTube client which has been developed and optimized specifically for iOS. It is a full-fledged alternative offering useful features for a better YouTube experience.Some of its features include: background playback, smart search, content organization, managing multiple accounts and subscriptions and many more.

2- Paint logue - Painting,Watercolor,Sketch,ToonPaint

‘Feeling dull with regular photo and need some creativity? Now paint skill is not needed anymore to create beautiful watercolor painting—Paint logue could transform your photos into painting.’

3- GeoTrend

‘The world in your pocket: View patterns in world history from a different perspective. Includes statistics for education, economics, quality of life, government & many more. It has 25+ comparison modes all verified by the World Bank data centers and 175+ countries & territories , over 40 years of collections.’

4- Ballpoint - Precision Art, Notes & Handwriting

This note and handwriting app offers a wide variety of features including: High-definition canvas, up to 4096 x 4096 pixels; 100 levels of undo/red; continuous auto-save; full zoom; color picker with RGB values and built for performance.

5- Magic Launcher Pro - Launch anything Instantly

‘Magic Launcher is the only Today Widget App Launcher you will ever need, with the ability to launch more than 100,000 apps and actions from the Today Widget in the Notification Center it makes using your iPhone or iPad even easier! Launch calls, texts and more with your friends in one swipe and tap with our Magic Contact launchers and our Quick Access actions allow you to manage your phone settings with a tap of a button.’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free

This Is How to Access and Add Suggested Charts to Your Google Sheets Using Explore

A few days ago, Google released a new important feature called explore which allows Drive users to create interesting and data rich documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Explore works on Drive for the web, Android and iPad. In today’s post we are intruding you to the features Explore brings to Google Sheets.

Explore in Sheets provides you with 3 main features: The ability to ask questions and get answers related to your data, see generated charts and analytic reports on your data, add generated charts to your spreadsheets.

Explore for Google Sheets

1- Answers to questions
This is only available in English. When you type in data in your sheets, you can use Explore to access quick answers to questions about your data. For instance, in the spreadsheet you created are two columns one for the name of the students and the other for their scores. Examples of the questions you can ask Explore to answer include: what is the total of column B? Which student has the top/least score?. You can also click on suggested questions from Explore to see examples of answers.

Here is how to use this feature:

  • ‘Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  • In the bottom right, click Explore Explore.
  • Under "Answers," type your question in the box and press Enter.
  • To see example answers, click the suggested questions under the text box.’

2- Charts and analysis
Based on the data you typed in your spreadsheet, Explore provides you with charts and analysis showing trends and patterns in your data. You can also get insights for specific portion of your data by selecting only specific cells. When you hover over any part of the chart you will see the corresponding data on which it was based.

3- Insert charts into your spreadsheets
You can also easily add generated charts and formulae from Explore window right into your spreadsheet. You simply drag and drop  the chart or formula wherever you want in your spreadsheet. To edit a chart, hover your mouse over the chart and click on edit button.

Source: Docs Editor Help

Top 10 Tools for Creating Digital Quizzes

Over the last couple of years, we have reviewed a wide variety of educational web tools to use to create digitally based quizzes. Below is a collection of some of the most popular quizzing tools we have covered so far. Be it a flipped, blended, virtual or even traditional classroom, the tools  below will enable you to easily create interactive quizzes, questionnaires and polls to share with students in class. Have a look and share with us your feedback.

quizzing tools

1- FlipQuiz 

FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers to easily create gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. All the boards you create can be saved for later use. You can also share your boards up on-screen and have students work on them collaboratively. Watch this demo to show you what a gameshow-style board looks like.

2- PurposeGames

PurposeGames is a website for engaging learners through creating and playing games.As a teacher you can use PurposeGames to create a variety of game-based quizzes. Some of the options you have include:Image Quizzes; Multiple Choice Quiz; Image shape quiz.

3- Riddle

Riddle is an excellent web tool for teachers. It allows them to create their own PlayBuzz and Buzzfeed-style quizzes, lists, polls, and more, often in under a minute. Riddle’s goal is to provide best-in-class tools that making creating interactive content simple, so you can concentrate on the content instead of worrying about the tools.

4- QuizBean 

This is a cool web tool to use to create quizzes and assess your students. The basic free version alows you to create only 6 quizzes but you can go unlimited for $10 per month. Some of the features QuizBean offers to its users include:
  • Add 3 questions or 30. Make your quiz as short or as long as you want.
  • Add unlimited choices to your questions — that means multiple choice and true/false.drag 'n drop pictures for any question.
  • Reinforce what students should know by adding explanations to each question.
  • Allow students to see a report of the questions they got right and wrong.
5- Kahoot 

Kahoot is a student response system that teachers can use to create and deliver quizzes and surveys to students. Kahoot provides a learning environment that is ideal for engaging students for it incorporates the precepts of both game-based learning and inquiry-based learning. Kahoot allows teachers to create quizzes and surreys that include a wide variety of multimedia elements such as videos, pictures and text. Each quiz you create can be accessed by students across different devices . Also teachers have the possibility to create time-controlled quizzes. You can set a specific period of time for the answer of each question. In this way students are rewarded not only for the correct answer but also for their timeliness.
6- Testmoz

Testmoz is an excellent web tool that allows you to create auto graded tests and quizzes. This application is designed by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student at Washington State University, Vancouver.The strength of this application lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. Testmoz supports 4 types of questions: True/false, multiple choice, multiple response, and fill in the blank. Each test you create has a unique URL which you can use to edit your test later on or to share with others.

7- JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs is an excellent web tool that allows you to easily create jeopardy games without using PowerPoint templates. The process is very simple and does not require any fees, registration or software download. To create a Jeopardy template, click on “ Start Building” button in the home page. Type in a password for your template so you will be able to edit it later on. Next, use the editor to customize your template the way you want. See the video below to learn more about how to build a jeopardy template from scratch.
8- ClassTools

ClassTools provides you with a variety of educational web tools to ‘ create free games, quizzes, activities and diagrams’. No sign-up is required and you can host your quizzes on your own blog or website.
9- Quizlet 

Quizlet is a great website for students and educators. It allows them to have a free access to over 10 million of flashcards and study games that cover almost every possible subject. There are for instance topics such as Math, Geography, History, Languages, Art, Standardized tests, Professional careers,and more.Quizlet can also help teachers create their own flashcards and share them with their students.

10- Google Forms
Google Forms is also another excellent tool to use to create different types of quizzes, questionnaires and polls.  Anything you create on Forms will be automatically saved to your Google Drive so you can access, view, and edit it anytime you want. Check out these tutorials to learn more about how to use Google Forms
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Here Is A Powerful Speech to Text App for Teachers

Dictanote is an excellent note taking tool with a powerful speech recognition facility. We have already featured this tool in our list of the best 5 speech to text apps for chrome published a couple of years ago and today we are revisiting it again as it has added some new interesting features.

Dictanote provides you with a rich text editor where you can instantly speak or type in your notes and format them the way you want. It provides almost all the editing features you would normally find in most popular text editors. It also supports a wide variety of languages. You simply select the language of your choice and start voice recording or typing your notes. To save and share your notes you will have to be registered. You can copy and use your notes in an email or a word document. You can also share them through a generated link.  Dictanote does provide a pro account with more advanced features for $9,99 a year.
Watch the video below to learn more about Dictanote:

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9 Great iPad Apps to Showcase Students Learning

Students are always excited to showcase their learning but when coupled with using the technology they love this excitement is even greater. In today’s post we are sharing with you a collection of some educational iPad apps to use in your class with students to enable them to demonstrate what they have learned. They can do this through different modes: audiovisual, pictorial and/or textual. We arranged these apps into three main categories: apps for creating posters and infographics, apps for creating videos and animations and apps for creating digital portfolios. We invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues. Enjoy

1- Apps for creating posters and infographics
2- Apps for creating videos and animations 
3- Apps for creating digital portfolios
9 Great Apps to Showcase Students Work

Awesome Free Templates for Creating Educational Magazines, Brochures and Newspapers

The popular Lucidpress platform has this library featuring a number of excellent free templates to use for a variety of educational (as well as business) purposes. Templates are already pre-designed and you don’t have to do any formatting, you simply plug in your content to get the look you are looking for in a matter of few clicks.

Templates are divided into multiple categories.Under ‘filter by category’ tab you can pick  one of the following categories and browse through the selection it has: banners, brochures, business cards, ebooks, flyers, invitations, lesson plans, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, reports, and resumes. Every template comes with a short explanatory description stating, among other things, the features it provides. To use any of these templates you will have either to provide your email address or sign up with Google.  Enjoy