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Teachers Visual Guide to Adding Videos to Google Forms

Google has just released a set of some new interesting features on Google Form. One of these new updates is adding videos to forms. I have been tinkering around with this new feature and decided to about create this visual guide to help you integrate videos into your forms. If you are still not in the know, just a couple of months ago, Google Forms added the ability to add pictures to forms reading " Teachers' Visual Guide to Adding Images to Google Forms" to learn more.

Now to add a video to your form, head over to your Google Drive account and click on 'create' then select forms. Select a template for your form and move on to next page where you have to click on "add item" and choose video

Now you can either search for YouTube videos right from the popped-up pane or copy and paste the URL of the video you want to use.

This is how the video will look like inside your form

You can also change the placement of the video by moving it to the left, right or centre

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