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A Useful Twitter Guide Featuring 18 Great Educational Hashtags for Parents

Communication between teachers and parents has never been as easy as it is now particularly with the use of social media platforms like Twitter and Google Plus. Let's take Twitter as an example, do you know that there are now several educational hashtags created specifically to promote a better and faster parent-teacher chat ?

 In their wonderful " Parents Guide to Twitter", the folks over in Edutopia have featured some useful hashtags for parent-teacher chat or #PTchat. This chat targets parents and teachers from all around the globe and takes as one of its goal the encouragement of a transparent and collaborative dialogue between parents and teachers on a variety of topics,

Join the #PTchat conversation on Wednesday nights at 9PM ES by typing “#ptchat” into the Twitter search bar. Web tools like Teeetdeck, Tweetchat or Twitterfall are also helpful for chats.

Here are some parent-teacher hashtags as featured in " parents Guide to Twitter ". Click HERE to download the guide.

  1. #ptchat
  2.  #parents
  3.  #parenting
  4. #edchat
  5.  #teachers 
  6. #preschool
  7. #cyberbullying
  8.  #gifted
  9.  #autism
  10. #homeschool
  11.  #elemchat 
  12. #edtech
  13. #toddlers 
  14. #6thchat
  15.  #education
  16. #edchat 
  17. #kinderchat
  18.  #teaching

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