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A Short Guide on Twitter for Educators

I just learned about this fantastic video from a tweet by Tom Whitby in which Ashly Cross provided a detailed explanation of what teachers and educators need to know about Twitter in order to tap into its full educational potential. I have watched the video and outlined for you the main points Ashley Talked about:

1- Misconceptions about Twitter
Some educators think that Twitter is more like Facebook status updates where people get to post their mundane activities. Twitter is not about that, it is about connecting with other educators and getting relevant content that can actually help your professional growth and teaching practice .
Twitter is not email. It is not like a blog where you have to read article after article. It is a learning platform.

2- Twitter language
Twitter does have its own lingo which you need to know to understand how it works. Some of Twitter lingo includes: tweet, handle, hashtag, RT, follow...etc

3- How to manage your Twitter newsfeed
If you follow many people on Twitter chances are you will be overwhelmed with the amount of tweets showing up on your page and to handle this information overload you can use some interesting web tools like : Hootsuite or Tweet Deck. there are other apps you can use as well but these two are the most popular.

4- How and where to find educational hashtags
This is the first question every teacher intending to leverage Twitter in educational setting ask themselves. Well, there are several educational super heroes like Cybraryman and Tom Whitby who already did the work for you. Check out these lists to learn more about educational hashtags

5- Twitter for professional development
Another way to use Twitter is for professional development. In this section, Ashley talked about the use of hashtags to connect with other educators around a given topic and crowdsource tips and solutions.

6- How to get started

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