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A List of 100+ Authors and IIlustrators on Twitter

Here is another great resource I came across today featuring a list of prominent authors and illustrators on Twitter. If you are planning to make Twitter part of your professional development plans ( which I strongly recommend for you ) then you have all kinds of resources to start with. I believe Twitter is probably the best social media website for teachers interested in growing professionally. I have been doing a lot of research into this area and have also posted some interesting reads in this regard. Check out this section to learn more.

Here is the Google Doc outlining hundreds of authors on Twitter. To learn about the story behind this work, I invite you to check this post.
This document has evolved into all kinds of authors, as students are likely to read any types of books, just as their teachers are... Thank you for collaborating on this! ~ @JoyKirr

Click here to access the original document.

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