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10 Google Plus Educators Every Teacher should Follow

The first step towards building a powerful personal/professional learning network is getting to know the people whom you can follow and learn from. These can be leading educators and teachers who are constantly sharing useful resources related to the topic area of your interest. However, finding such people is not as easy as you might think for it personally took me a couple of years to build a strong network of like-minded educators who keep feeding me with all the updates I need in the world of education and educational technology.

To help those of you who are about to start their PLNs, I am curating for a you a list of some wonderful educators you need to consider adding to your following list. By following these people, your feed page will never run short of good reads and resources to help you grow professionally. The  common thread between all of these educators is their dedication to help others expand their professional circles and improve their teaching practice using Google Plus. If you find yourself using other social networking websites more often than Google Plus then check out these other selections :

please note that this list is personal and is based on my own experience as a teacher and edublogger. All of the people included below are educators I regard in high esteem and follow constantly. I know I have skipped many other wonderful educators but the list is meant to be short and probably in a future post I ll share with you an expanded list.

1- Howard Rheingold

Howard is an online instigator, offline gardener, novice teacher, expert learner

2- Vicki Davis 

Vicki is a teacher, author of the Cool Cat Teacher blog, co-founder of Flat Classroom projects and conferences

3- Shelly Sanchez Terrell 

Shelly is an international Speaker, Author, Teacher Trainer, and Education/Social Media Consultant

4- Steve Hargadon 

Steve is a social Learning Consultant for Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate and the founder of the Web 2.0 Labs.

5- Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger is a father, husband, high school principal, author, and speaker.

6- Wesley Fryer 

Wesley is an  educator, author, digital storyteller, husband, dad. Here for the learning revolution

7- Tom Whitby

Tom is an educator, Blogger, Connector of the Dots. He works at SmarBlog on Education by SmartBrief

8- LucyGray

Lucy Gray - Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator.

9- Rich Kicker

Director of Online Learning, eLearning Architect, top-rated Google Certified Trainer, trying to bring the best #elearning and PD to the cloud.

10- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

I am closing this list with the official Google Plus page of this blog. Subscribe to our feed to keep updated about our future posts and resources.

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