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The 5 Components for Making Leader Students

Today I am taking you in a very short errand into the realm of cognitive psychology to explore one very interesting concept for us in education: Emotional Psychology. Daniel Goleman was the first guy to popularize this concept. He first introduced it in his wonderful book under the same name" Emotional Intelligence".

The concept of emotional intelligence is not really popular among teachers though it is a very important component of a balanced  healthy student personality. Teachers seem to focus the most on IQ intelligence and other thinking skills which is great but only when accompnaied by an equal emphasis on EI. Students are not machines that are programmed to carry out the tasks we want them to do; they are social entities and their intake of knowledge is much dependent not only on their intellect but also on their emotional well-being.

There are five components of emotional intelligence which, if tended to properly, can help you provide your students with the qualities of leaders. I am sharing with you this great chart I brought you from an article edited by Goleman himself and published in Harvard Business Review. The chart illustrates in such an insightful way what you need to know about these components. Enjoy

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