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An Outstanding Internet Safety Cheat Sheet for Teachers and Parents

Internet is like a jungle full of predators ready to take you down anytime you give them a chance. Strolling in this jungle sometimes comes with a very high cost, a cost that is way higher when it comes to kids.

Online safety issues comes at the top priorities of parents. They all show a deep concern about their kids use of internet and the time they spend navigating the web but when asked about the preemtive measures to take to protect their kids, several parents hide behind the popular " I am not tech-savvy" excuse. I said excuse because most of the parental control measures found in different media platforms are simple to activate and do not require any tech-saviness".

Here is a handy cheat sheet made particularly for those of you who think they are not tech-savvy enough to carry out internet control safety planning for their kids. Check it out and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy
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