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A Must See Google Plus Cheat Sheet for Teachers

I still remember how reluctant we were to embrace Google Plus. Google did all its best to push it forward and "force"  us to use it. Many people did not see in it any good addition to the already teeming world of social media. However, as days passed by, the importance and centrality of this social networking site grew bigger and bigger till it finally secured its place among the top social media sites in the calibre of Facebook and Twitter.

One of the best things that make Google Plus stand out from the crowd is its being ad-free. Finally we have a place where we can network with each other without being annoyed by those stupid ads and pop-ups as is the case in Facebook.

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 Google Plus has a huge potential in the world of academia and education both as a platform for teaching and learning and as a tool for professional development. I have a section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning that includes several guides, tutorials, sheets and several other materials on how teachers can leverage this platform in teaching and learning.
I am also adding the cheat sheet below to this resource section, check it out and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy
  google plus sheet

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