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30 Ways to Use Chromebook in Education

I am not really very familiar with Chromebooks but I have one home and am still getting to know its features. However, I have been reading a lot about these min-computers and have also watched some clips from teachers who have successfully employed them in their 1:1 programs with their students. In a recent article I posted here I shared with you an interesting chart comparing iPad 2 with Chromebook from which the latter comes out as more powerful in terms of performance and storage.

To help you learn more about how Chromebooks can be used in education, here is a great slide from  Tom Gierke and Becky Evans that features 30 ways teachers can use Chromebook in education. Check them out below.

1-Google Drive

  • Collaborate on Lesson Plans
  • Improve the writing process
  • Collect, share, and analyze data
  • Research tools in presentations
  • Create amazing presentations
  • Invite a guest lecturer into your classroom
2- Google Plus
  • Hold office  hours and homework help
  • Create a classroom website
3- Google Sites
  • Manage student e-portfolios
  • Use moderator to extend classroom discussions
  • Run your classroom through blogger
  • Organize and deliver curriculum
  • Help teachers manage the classroom
4- YouTube
  • 1000s of lessons in Khan Academy
  • YouTube for Schools
  • Learn to code
  • TED Ed
  • Typing trainers
  • Adaptive learning assessment
5- Chrome Web Apps for Education
  • Create a glog
  • Video projects
  • Create cartoon animations
  • Mind mapping
  • Geometry and graphing
6- Open Educational Resources
  • QER Commons
  • CK-12
  • administer assessments
  • Automatically grade forms with Flubaroo
  • Smarter balanced assessment

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