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Top 8 Plagiarism Detector Tools for Teachers

Plagiarism is a plague which has accompanied human scholarship from its early inception till its actual state. It has succeeded in adapting itself to different environments and in different epochs. It always finds people to nourish and develop it. However, throughout mankind's history, there has never been as a cherishing and thriving environment for plagiarism as the one we are living in now.

With this boom in digital technology, plagiarism  has been elevated to the ranks of serious epidemics. In academia it gets even worse. More students are growing dependent on copy paste culture. Entire theses and dissertations have been plagiarized and stories of scholars loosing their academic integrity abound. However, teachers and educators being plagiarizers is another story, one that needs much more in-depth analysis than what this short post can afford. Instead I want to help those of you who have issues with plagiarism in their classrooms. If technology has brought about a surfeit in scholarly plagiarism, it also has tools to help you fight it. Here is an updated list of some wonderful web tools to use to detect plagiarism in your students essays and other pieces of writings. Enjoy

1- Plagium

Plagium is a cool plagirism detection tool. Just paste in the original portion of text ( shoulnd't be more than 250 characters) and hit "search". You can also check URLs and files but you will have to sign up with them. The service is free of charge.

2- Turnitin

This is another great tool for detecting plagiarism in your students work. You can check papers against 24+ billion web pages, 300+ million student papers and 110,000+ publications.

3- Dupli Checker

With you Dupli Checker you only have to copy paste, or upload your content file containing essay, thesis, website content or articles, and click ‘search’, and you get the analysis reports within seconds. Each sentence is dissected, and all the source websites from where the content was copied are displayed.

4- iThenticate

iThenticate is a service offered by, but is geared more toward professional writing and scholarly research. Publishers like Oxford University Press use iThenticate for its Cross Check software, which includes a database of more than 31 million articles and 67,664 books and journals.
5- Plagiarism Checker makes it simple for educators to check for copied work by pasting phrases from a student's paper into a search box. The system can search through either Google or Yahoo.
6- Plagiarismdetect

A few clicks and your text will be checked for plagiarism. Firstly, you upload your text (paste it to the checking area or upload a file). Then the system breaks it into small linguistic units and checks it for similarities against all the websites that are open for indexation and also our private database.

Plagiarisma has a search box as well as a software download available for Windows. Users can also search for entire URLs and files in HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT and PDF formats.
8- Eve Plagiarism Detection System

The EVE plagiarism detection system is one of the older services on this list, having performed almost 150 million scans since its creation in 2000. It runs users $29.99 for unlimited use.

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