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The 16 Types of Social Media Personalities- Which One Are You ?

With the massive uptake of social networking sites, social media has become part and parcel of our digital life.Your daily dose of social media depends on how much time you have to spend on such virtual networks. It also depends on the purpose behind you joining them, if you are using them solely for personal and socializing goals then you might find yourself running the risk of addiction to these platforms.

A distinct new breed of social media personalities has been born, according to an extensive new study by conversation experts "first direst". Which one are you?
  • The Ultras?
  • The Dippers?
  • The Deniers?
  • The Lurkers?
  • The Virgins?
  • The Peacocks?
  • The Ranters?
  • The Changelings?
  • The Ghosts?
  • The Informers?
  • The Quizzers?
  • The Approval Seekers?

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