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5 Great Alternatives to Google Reader

Google Reader is retiring in 5 days and unless you migrate your feeds to another feed reader then you would run the risk of loosing all your subscriptions. I have already featured a list of alternatives to Google Reader and today I am updating it adding some new ones.

I personally migrated my feeds to Feedly. I have been using it for sometime now and I really like it. Its interface is way better than Google reader and above all the transition from Google Reader is very smooth and is done in two clicks. However, if you want to try other options, the titles below are good places to start with.

1- Flipboard

This is a great Rss reader that works both on iPad and Android. With Flipboard you will get to read your subscriptions in a magazine like format. I am using it together with Feedly on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I really love it

2- Flow Reader

This is another cool reader that allows you to migrate your subscriptions from Google Reader to their platform.Use the importer to add your feeds to FlowReader and give your content a new home.

3- The Old Reader

This one looks similar to Google Reader and it also has an option that lets you move your subscriptions from any reader to their platform. With Old Reader, you can also write posts, customize your feeds and write notes on them.

4- Feedspot

Import your Google Reader feeds in seconds. Feedspot is totally free and works in most modern browsers, without any plugin to install. Always available wherever you are, from any device - desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
5- Dig Reader

This is another alternative reader you can use to access your subscriptions. You do need to sign up first before you migrate your feeds from Google Reader to Dig Reader.

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