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Teacher's Guide to Using Shared Google Docs with Students

Sharing is caring  and one of the powerful features of Google Docs is sharing.As we have seen in 8 Things Every Teacher should be Able to Do with Google Docs , users can easily share documents, presentations, tables, graphs, and spreadsheets by simply changing the visibility options in the sharing settings of Google Docs. But what if you want to aggregate all your docs in one document and share it with others ( probably your student) ? Shared Google Docs  has the answer answer for you.

What is Shared Google Docs ?
Shared Google Docs ( or Drive, I am not used to call it Google Drive and I Like its old name Google Docs ) is a feature embedded within Google Docs' services  that allows users to create folders to share with other users. These shared folders can contain any type of media ( text, images, docs, files, PDFs, spreadsheets....etc )

How can I use Shared Google Docs with my students ?
Here are some of the ways to use this feature with your students :
Create a shared folder for your class. In this folder share with your students :
  • Class assignments
  • Class announcements
  • Grading reports
  • Reading materials
  • Resources related to what they are studying
  • Videos, and tutorials and many more.
How can I create a shared Google Docs ?

Here is how you can do it :

1- Head over to Google Docs and click on " new folder

2- Give your Folder a name and click on create

3- If you want to add items to this folder from your Google Docs just select the item you want to add and click on " move to " button on the top bar then choose the folder you created.

4- Now click on the drop-down menu next to  the name of your folder and select " share"

5- Change the visibility setting of your folder or type in the email addresses of your students to share it with them.

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