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A Great Visual Guide on How Google Glass Works

A few days ago I shared with you " Teaching with Google Glass " and I was surprised to see the amount of feedback I got from you. For those who were asking me about how to get one let me tell you that Google has closed the beta testing application but provided this form to allow you to track alerts about when it will be available again. I have read somewhere online, probably on Mashable, than Google Glass will be released to the public in 2014 but I am not sure.

Google Glass price is really high ( around $1500 ) but from what I have read and watched about it , it seems it is worth that money. I personally cant wait to get my hands on it .

However, knowing that this high tech spec from Google is going to have a huge potential in education, I created a section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning devoted solely for posts and resources related to the use of Google Glass in education. This section is still in the embryonic stage but I am pretty sure with your help and feedback we can feed it with richer content.

To help you learn more about Google Glass, I am sharing with you these two awesome resources : a video on face recognition using Google Glass and the second is a visual guide created by Martin Missfeldt from Enjoy


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