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5 Great Video Tutorials on How to Create Podcasts Using Audacity

So you want to make podcasts part of your teaching but you feel like you  are lacking the know-how necessary to do it. Well I have just curated these awesome video tutorials that will exactly meet your needs. The web tool suggested here is Audacity. This is one of the most popular free open software for recording and editing sounds. It is also available for different operating systems including : Windows ,Mac OSX, GNU, and Lunux.

If you are still not familiar with the concept of educational podcasting, please read this guide to get started. Here are some of pluses of using podcast in education :
  • Podcast are great alternatives for delivering research content or lessons to students who need remedial or extended support
  • Students can create their own podcast to share their learning experiences with each other and also with other students from other schools
  • Teachers can record audio podcast to provide additional and revision material to students to download and review at a time that fits them the best.
  • Podcast can hugely benefit auditory learners and help them in their learning
To learn how to create your own podcasts, I invite you to watch and bookmark these awesome tutorials :

1- How to record a podcast with Audacity

2- How to use Audacity to record a podcast

3- Audacity tutorial: how to record

4- How to Edit a recording in Audacity

5- How to create an MP3 using Audacity

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