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21 Ways to Use Edmodo in your Classroom

Edmodo is a learning platform that is increasingly popular among teachers and educators. It is really amazing the popularity Edmodo gained within a  very short time since its introduction. In my past articles here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, I talked about the importance of Edmodo as a tool to flip your classroom, I also emphasized, in another post, on  its use as a community building platform for your class where teachers and students get to share learning resources and interact with each others.

Another good thing about Edmodo ,which I like so much, is its security. The data you upload there or the materials you share are safe and you can even customize your privacy settings to grant  access to only certain people.

Edmodo is also one of the best means of teacher-student communication. It allows students and teachers to stay connected via sending notes , replying to posts  and checking messages and upcoming events while  away from the classroom.

Here is an awesome slide that features 21 ways to use Edmodo in your classroom. Check it out and share with us your comments.

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