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20+ Creative Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms

A couple of days ago I created and shared with you a Google Form tutorial simplifying the process of creating forms to use in your teaching. The assessment form I included at the end of that post proved to me that you really liked and benefited from this tutorial. I am so glad you did and thank you for the time you spent reading and filling in the form.

Today I am sharing with you another resource on how to use Google Forms with your students or as Tanya, the creator of this slideshow, named them innovative pedagogical strategies for using Google Forms.There is alot to learn from Tanya's ideas and which you can apply in your own teaching context. I invite you to go through the entire slideshow and share with us your feedback in the comment form.

Here is in brief the innovative  pedagogical ways of using Google Forms Tanya talked about in this slide :

  • Create surveys / collect data/ graph results
  • Collect and manipulate data
  • Create reading records
  • Create Book reviews forms
  • Teach questionnaire design
  • Create assignment checklists
  • Organize class blogs
  • Create collaborative wordles
  • Learning expeditions and scavenger hunts
  • Add images to forms
  • Flip with forms
  • Jeopardy with forms
  • Create self grading quizzes
  • Grade with Flubaroo
  • Peer grade class presentations
  • Map your connections
  • Create paperless rubrics
  • Exit tickets for formative evaluation

Check out the slide HERE

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