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27 Ways to Be a Better 21st Century Educator

Here is another great graphic from our colleague Mia featuring the the 27 ways to be a better 21st century teacher. We have had a lot of discussion here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning on the kind of skills teachers and students need to be equipped with to thrive in the 21st century classroom and although we have differing views on this topic but I think we all converge on the necessity of integrating technology in our classrooms. However, Mia goes far than that to claim that 21st century education requires more than just technology but there are other aspects teachers need to work on as well. These aspects are clearly featured in the infographic below.

Content wise, I agree with Mia on the things she mentioned in this graphic but I would suggest that today's technology and web2.0 tools can help us achieve these " commandments " much more easily and comfortably and without falling prey to the " old wine in new bottles" syndrome.
Please have a look and share with us your take on this topic. Enjoy

This work is related to the previous infographic entitled " The 27 Characteristics of The 21st Century Teacher "

27 things for teachers

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