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10 Great Tips on Using iPad Offline

Whenever we talk about iPad here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning we take connectivity for granted . But there are times when this connectivity is lost or when WiFi is not picked up or when
you are in the woods with no cellular service, in cases such as these, does your iPad have any value any more ? Jeff Dumm has the answer for this. He had diligently worked on the graphic below to share with us what we can do with our iPads when there is no connectivity. The ideas he touched on are really interesting but for an educational context I would add a bunch of other tips including :

  • Use a voice recording app to record a clip to share with your students
  • Use camera to take pictures for classroom projects
  • Take videos  to share with students
  • Always make sure you have a set of downloaded PDFs or eBooks to read when there is no connectivity
  • Write and save memos
  • Write a blog post for your class and save it till you are plugged and  share it on your classroom blog
  • Use Gmail offline to catch up on the backlog of unread emails

Let me now share with you Jeff's poster. Have a look and share with us if you have other ideas on how to use iPad offline.

ipad offline

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