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RealtimeBoard A Great Tool for Visual Collaboration

RealtimeBoard is an endless online whiteboard where you can upload images, draw, add text, post notes and comments and save the results instantly. It is a great web tool for collaborative work as it allows users to invite people and start collaborating. I am definitely adding it to the Teachers Collaborative Whiteboards section in this blog.

Here are  some of the features RealtimeBoard provides :
  • It lets you use poste it notes to manage your tasks
  • It keeps your project on single board
  • It allows users to plan and discuss their projects in real time
  • You can add visual materials and screenshots, mar-up, leave comments in mini-chats
  • Use it to create simple sketches or complex infographics using shapes, texts and mar-up tools.
  • It lets you visualize any data and share it with others
  • You can upload pictures and drawings of interior and exterior, discuss  projects with your students using comments and chat
Watch this video to learn more about Realtime Board

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