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Unbelievable : 450 Fonts to Use in Google Docs

I got a couple of emails from some of you asking about the fonts I use when writing my e-Books. I am not sure what to recommend because I am not consistent with the fonts I use , I might use Arial for one e-book and for the next I would jump to Times New Roman so what I would say here is try different fonts till you get the one you are satisfied with.

Talking about fonts I want to draw your attention to one feature Google has recently added to Google Docs and which can be of great help to all of you. Probably the majority of you use Google Docs for writing documents, I know this from the feedback I get in Google Docs for Teachers section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Now Google Docs has more than 450 new fonts added to it and from which you can select the one you like. Yes 450, it is a huge number of fonts and I have already been experimenting with some of them and guess what ? they are awesome. Now you wont run out of font options.

Here is how to access the fonts

Go to your Google docs, click on create a document , then click on Arial and scroll down to click on add fonts as shown in this screenshot

When you click on add fonts, a pop-up window will be displayed where you can choose from hundereds of fonts as seen in the screenshot below.

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