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The Knowledge Tree

I love tree diagrams and mindmaps and I am sure our students share the same feeling towards them as well. Mindmaps present ideas and data in a visual way akin to visible thinking. Given the importance of these tools in eduction, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already provided a comprehensive list of some of the best web tools that teachers and educators can use to create awesome mindmaps. Check out this link to explore the tools in case you missed that post.

Today I am sharing with you a great graphic , it is basically a tree diagram I found on university of Alberta. This tree is

 a helpful unifying device linking theory and practice. The BRANCHES represent what the student needs to learn, the TRUNK represents what the student brings with them to the learning context and the ROOTS represent the theories to be considered in teaching.. "

Here is a snapshot of the tree but you will need to access the original version of the tree HERE because every part of the tree is clickable and can lead you to more information about about topic. Enjoy

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