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Teacher`s Digital Kit ( 50+ Educational Web Tools )

I just came  across this excellent treasure trove of educational web tools organized into different categories. This work has been done by Learning Through Digital Media, a great website to check for edtech tools and tutorials. I particularly liked the way they categorized these web tools and although similar to the 33 digital skills every teacher should have,  it also features some other web tools not included in that guide.

The digital kit below will give you a chance to get to know some awesome web tools to use in your classroom and with your students. Below is a summary of the main web tools included in this kit , check them out and let us know what you think of them.

1- Tools for Collaborative Writing

 2- Presentation Tools

3- Micro Blogging

4- Social Networking Services

5- Screencasting Tools

6- Podcasts

7- Collaborative Topic Mapping

8- Platforms to Facilitate group work

9- Instant Messaging

10- Document Sharing

11- Sharing Large Files

12- Live streaming

13- Scheduling Appointments

14- Bibliography tools

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