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How Teachers and Students Create eBooks Using iPad

One of the essential and effective ways to enhance students writing and to motivate them to write is through enabling them to create their own books. I have  attended a writing workshop today and saw the creativity kids manifested in their own books. Some of them talked about their own experiences, others wrote poems or did illustrated drawings. Immigrant students were also able to include their own voice in their books, one of them created an awesome dual language book teaching her peers Arabic, another student talked about some of the traditions in her own culture. All of these books were created using blank books and students task was only providing the content to use on those empty papers.

You too can do it with your students and if you don't have blank books available where you are then use technology. I have already posted about some great web tools where students can get their work published, check them out and pick a tool to use with your students. If iPad is a learning/teaching device in your classroom then have a look at the tutorial below to see how you can create an e-Book for your iPad.

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