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A Must Have Poster on Copyright Guidelines for Teachers

Our students' excessive dependence on digital content is going wild and this obligates us from an ethical point of view ( at least ) to be ourselves aware of the copyright issues related to the use, dissemination, and redistribution of such content and also to teach our kids and students about the guidelines they have to respect when using electronic materials. The "Whatever  online is Free" mentality should change and students need to constantly be reminded of the ethical codes and copyright rules they have to abide by to  use the online content in an ethically sound manner.

Given the importance of this topic in education, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has devoted an entire section just for posts about copyright resources. I have also covered in a recent post the 10 must have resources you need to teach about copyright and fair use. Today, I am sharing with you a great  poster on copyright and fair use guidelines for teachers. Enjoy

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copyright poster=
Courtesy of Edudemic

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