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A Great Digital Literacy Skills Continuum for Teachers

Digital literacy is not only about knowing how to use technology but also when and why to use it.Not everything can be taught using technology because technology is not an end in and for itself but only a means to improve learning and teaching. In its basic foundational base, technology means tools you use to do something but by convention  the majority of people think about computers, laptops and other gadgets whenever the word technology is mentioned. However what is important for us as teachers and educators is to know the goals and objectives for which we are using technology with our students. We should also be able to assess the usability of such technology within our classroom and work towards improving our digital practices in a way that benefit our students and the learning environment in which we work.

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I am a comprehensive guide on Digital Literacy and I will share it with you here in the next coming weeks, for now let me share with you this awesome digital literacy skills  continuum which has content area standards for each grade level. It was  created by The Instructional Technology and Library Services department. Here is a snapshot
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