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8 Outstanding Google forms templates

Today as I was working on Google Forms to create some forms for my colleagues in the university, the idea of providing my readers here with some practical   pre-made template forms dawned on me. I know many of you would have recourse to the services provided by Google Forms and sometimes it would take you a lot of time to get what you want into form; having a set of ready made forms can make your job easier knowing that most of the ones I handpicked for you today are among the most used templates in Google Docs. You can also check the list of 20 Google Forms I published last year for more choices. Enjoy

1- Contact Form
Gather contact information from your website visitors

2- Collecting Mailing Addresses
Send this to your friends and family to collect their mailing addresses. Use the addresses to mail correspondence.

3- Guest Book
Sample guest book for adding to a Google Site

4- Networking Tracker
Track contact info of people you meet that you want to follow-up with. No need to refer back to business cards - info is easily accessible online (& centralized). Skim through your list every few months & follow-up.

5- Event Registration
Use this form to collect registrations for an upcoming event, seminar, or meeting.

6- Website Feedback Survey
This survey allows webmasters and website owners to collect feedback about visitor satisfaction.

7- 10 Question Self Check Quiz
Automatically grade a 10 question quiz!

8- Voting Form
Vote a thing or person - Voting Form

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