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What Teachers Need to Know about Hashtags

One of the secrets behind the power of Twitter as a social media platform is hashtags. This is a distinctive feature not found in any other social networking site. If you have been following the recent American presidential campaigns you would have noticed how both of the candidates took advantage of hashtags to reach wider audiences and get their messages across . It is really pretty amazing how a single hashtag can create such a huge buzz over the web but such hashtags most of the times have a political nature or involve gossips about celebrities .

As educators and teachers , hashtags can be of great help to us in both our teaching and professional growth as life long learners.  I personally use certain hashtags to share and also keep track of the novelty in educational technology, I would, for instance, regularly check #edchat or #edtech to see what is trending there. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted some very useful articles about hashtags namely :

  1.  A Quick Guide to Twitter Educational Hashtags
  2.  The Top 10 Educational Technology Hashtags

Today we are sharing with you a great infographic created by Taylor and that sheds more light on this Twitter  phenomenon .

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