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Top 10 Ways to Use Google Apps in your Classroom

I have just finished reading a great guide from Google Apps for Education. This guide is labelled Guide to going Google and features 6 steps to successfully going Google but what I really liked the most in it is the third step called Professional Development and particularly the top 10 ways to use Google Apps.

The Top 10 Ways to Use Google Apps is a guide that provides some awesome techniques for teachers to use to  integrate Google apps in their teaching and use them with their students. I personally found all the ten ways mentioned very interesting and some of them are even new to me. I do highly recommend that you have a look at it. You can even download it from This Link. It is not long and is not written in expository style but rather arranged into neat tables that you can print out and keep in your desk. 

Here is a snapshot of the two pages in case you want to read what they contain before you download them. Enjoy

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