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Top 10 TED ED Lessons for Teachers

Since its launch some months ago, Ted Ed Lessons has been making such a loud uproar in the educational circles. Educators from all over the globe have been using this service to create engaging lesson content from TED videos. Ted Ed provides  several practical features for teachers to easily customize, tweak, redo, and use any video featured in TED. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted a detailed article about how teachers can use TED Ed which you can check Here.

TED Ed Lessons worth sharing has just featured what it called the 10 most popular TED-Lessons. I have checked some of them and they are really amazing. If you need some inspiring ideas or want to  learn how others use their creativity in teaching then explore the list below, you will definitely find something that relates to what you teach. For me personally, what matters is the idea, I love to see how other educators employ their creativity and I always learn from them. Remember that it is only when ideas have sex that creativity is born.

Check out the lessons and share them with your colleagues and students. Click on any title to access the original lesson. Enjoy.

1- First Lesson : Power of Simple Word

2- Second Lesson : How Big is Infinity

3- Third Lesson  Secret Life of Plankton

4- Fourth Lesson  :Questions Noone Knows Answers to 

5-  Fifth lesson: Just How Small is an Atom

6-Sixth Lesson : Music as a Language

7- Insults bu Shakespeare

8- How Simple Ideas Led to Scientific Discoveries 

9- The Whacky History of Cell Theory

10- How Taking a Bath Led to Archimedes Principle

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