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The Seven Learning Styles Teachers should Be Aware of

Diversity is the spice of life and for us in education it is also the spice of learning. As learners, we have different learning styles . Some learn more when information is presented visually, others learn through movement and hands-on activities. Of course you can see this difference in your class, but the successful teacher is the one who can identifies all the learning styles of his/her students and tend to each one of them. It is unfortunate to see some students lagging behind simply because their teachers did not meet their learning styles.

Below is an infographic that sheds more light on this topic. It basically features 7 learning styles : Solitary ( interpersonal ), Visual ( spacial ), Social ( interpersonal ), Aural ( auditory, musical ), Verbal ( linguistic ), Physical ( kinesthetic ), and Logical ( mathematical ). Though it is not mentioned in the infographic but this  classification of the learning styles is based on Howard Gardner multiple intelligence's theory in which he provided seven types of intelligences which are exactly the same as the learning styles below. Have a look at this graphic and share it with your colleagues. Enjoy

Source ; Blue Mango

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