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Edcanvas Easily Create Rich Multimedia Lessons for your Class

Edcanvas is a cool web tool that allows teachers to create  multimedia rich  lessons  and share them with their students. These lessons can include YouTube videos, slides, files, text, and images which you can download either from the web or use the ones you have in your computer. I am really pretty amazed with the ease of use of this platform and the user friendly interface it has .

To start creating your lesson on Edcanvas , you will need to sign up for a free account, you can also use your Google account or Facebook account to sign in. Once logged in, then click on ' create a new canvas ' and you will be provided with a short video ( see below ) showing you how to go on creating your first canvas. Follow the prompts and your lesson will be up and ready in a couple of minutes.

The thing I like the most about Edcanvas is the ability to arrange all lesson items in one board that is easily navigable and that students can access even on their iPad. You can have videos, slides, text and images all in one canvas. Isn't that cool ?

Watch the video below to see Edcanvas in action

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