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A must Have Classroom Poster about Facebook bullying

We in  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning are adamant advocators of the use and integration of technology in education, of course all of you know this by now, but we have also some concerns as to what constitute  the proper use of this very same technology. Our students love to learn digitally and they probably frequent Internet more often than most of us do and most of them are dexterous with the use of mobile digital devices, but this should never blind our eyes to the fact that predators are just looming around waiting for the right moment to launch their attacks. These are the ' bad guys ' that live in the virtual world and that could potentially hurt our kids, molest them, threaten them, still their digital identities and even turn their life into nightmares. These creatures are not necessarily people we do not know or expert hackers and unidentifiable cybercriminals  but they could be as common as  students you are currently teaching or  have previously taught.

There is now a growing phenomenon of what is called social media bullying and particularly using Facebook or 'Facebullying'. This is a serious cyber crime that has the same devastating effects on its victims as any other cyberbullying crime would have . What is even worse is that Facebullying is common among students of the same school. It moved from physical classrooms to virtual rooms where students get to meet online and unless we educate our kids about the dangers of this phenomenon we could probably end up dealing with worse scenarios.

To address this issue, we strongly recommend that you teach your students about ethics and online ethical conduct , teach them about digital citizenship. We have also a great poster that you can print out and hang on your classroom wall for students to see every time they happen to be in your class. This poster ( from Fuzion , learned about it via avatar generation ) features some of the proper ways students can use Facebook to avoid bullying. Check it out below.

If you want to use more educational posters in your class, then check out this collection.

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