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81 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms with Their Students

Google Apps is one of the powerful digital toolkit for teachers. It is packed with all kinds of apps you can use both  in your teaching and for your professional growth . Think about services such as Gmail, Google Docs, Presentations, Forms, Google Calendar, Google Education, and the list goes on and on. Most of these tools are free and are part and parcel of our digital being. I am personally a huge fan of Google services and I use almost all of them including Google Code.I have been writing a lot of tutorials on each of these tools and I will still keep you updated about any new releases in this regard. Just keep in mind that I am just a teacher like you, I have no affiliation with Google and I am not paid to write about its services here, the only things that drives me to cover Google services in my posts are their practical productivity and relevance, their powerful free features, their awesome user experience,  and the level of security they provide its users.

As I said in yesterday's post about Google's Free Lesson plans, we could have different opinions about Google's tools and you do not have to necessarily agree with what I said about them, but when it comes to using them with our students , you should look at their positive side and how they can help your students improve your learning and leave those preconceived judgments aside.

That being said, I want to share with you a great resource full of interesting ways to use Google Forms with your students. Honestly speaking I am really pretty amazed at the time, efforts and care Tom Barret invested in this work and I wholeheartedly thank him for it.

Check out these 81 ways to use Google Forms with your students and share with us your suggestions. Enjoy.

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