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7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started featuring some educational YouTube channels pertaining to different subject matters. Up to this moment, we have covered channels for Math, Science, and yesterday we posted a list of channels for kids. The purpose behind such collections is to help teachers and educators have instant access to educational videos they might need to use with their students. The channels we post are among the top ones you can find on YouTube and some of them are created by teachers like you and me.

Today, we are providing you with a list of some of the best YouTube channels. The list is not exhaustive and we might have skipped some other useful ones, but we are sure the ones included below have the answers you would be looking for when it comes to looking for history videos to share with your students.

1- Dizzo

Dizzo documents the human's history in short videos . Each clip capture a historical moment in our history. This is a great place to start looking for videos to use in the classroom.

2- US National Archives

This one here features great videos covering everything about history from census videos to space explorations ones.

3- World History and other Stuff

This channel is for both historical study and a little bit of fun. It features playlists of videos of historical significance that you can use with your students. This channel is created and monitored by a teacher of history.

4- Computer History Museum

As its name indicates , this is a channel that provides videos about the history and stories of information age.

5- Cinema History

Cinema History is not about cinema as its name might indicate by rather provides short video clips that shows how life was in different historical periods in the 20th century.

6- History

This is another great history channel that provides award-winning original, non-fiction series and specials about our history.

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