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5 Outstanding TED Talks about Creativity

According to Sir Ken Robinson, creativity is the " process of having original  ideas that have values". Everyone of us is born creative but  the milieu where we are brought up and the kind of education we receive have a lot to do with how creative we become as we grow up. In his popular TED talk " Do Schools Kill Creativity " , Robinson argued  that students are  educated out of creativity. Schools and curriculum do not seem to put a high premium on those elements that are mainly linked to the development of our creative powers including art, music, dance, and drama. Whenever there is a budget cut, the first thing they start with is art as if art is only a recreational subject.

I am actually working on a poster about creativity which I will probably publish tomorrow. In this poster you will get to know the creative process, its major steps, the relationship between creativity and intelligence, and the anatomy of a creative mind. For now , let me  share with you some of my favorite TED videos about creativity.

1- 4 Lessons in Creativity

 2- You Elusive Creative Genius

3- How to Build your Creative Genius

4- Where Good Ideas come from

5- Fashion and Creativity

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