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4 TED Videos Teachers should not Miss

Today's post is about some great TED videos I have recently bookmarked  but never had time to watch them  till this weekend. Just as usual the videos are just as inspiring as they could be and you can share some of them with your students. I personally believe so strongly in the power of such inspiring clips in our students education. We have , for instance, previously published a list of 5 TED videos for Kids and after a week or so we got an email from Singapore of a teacher who had tried one of these videos with his kids  telling us how successful it was and he even shared with us his own lesson plan. We do feel so glad to hear such successful stories of  teachers having tried something we provided here and worked.

We hope that you will have some time to watch these videos and probably pick one or two and send them to your colleagues and students. Enjoy

1- Alison Gopnik What do babies need ?


2-  Aleph Molinary : Bridging the digital divide

3- Arvin Gupta : Turning Trash into Toys for Learning

4- Alan Kay shares a powerful idea about ideas

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