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10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher Must Know about

Pinterest has been making huge inroads in teaching and in education as a whole. We have covered several posts about this virtual platform including the popular Top 11 Educational Pinners  and Teachers Guide to The Use of Pinterest in Education. We strongly believe in the huge potential of Pinterest in education and we want to help you tap into this potential.

As you probably know, Pinterest is full of teaching materials, classroom ideas and freebies, educational giveaways, innovative and creative ideas and many more. Teachers can have access to this treasure trove without having to pay a cent, why not giving it a try then ?

 I have been using Pinterest probably as frequently as I use Twitter, I follow like-minded educators and stay updated about topics of interest to me and I also share my articles and posts with my followers. Pinterest can help you grow professionally and to help you get Pinterested, we are providing you with some great boards where you can have instant access to educational resources, links, and ideas you probably have never known before. Check out the boards below and share with us other boards you know of.

1- Free Technology for Educators

This is our official Pinterest board where we have created 6 interesting pins. We pin every single post we publish here so if you want to stay updated about our work make sure you follow us.

2-  My Future Classroom

This is an awesome board full of teaching ideas  and several other resources. It is one of my favorite boards on Pinterest.

3- Teaching ...One Day Again

This board is packed with creative and innovative ideas on how to organize your classroom and teaching materials. It has 6 pins and one of them is labelled 100 classroom organizing tricks

4- Teaching

This board is a real treasure trove of teaching resources . It includes lesson plans, classroom activities, common core lessons, iPad apps for teachers, games and many more.

5- Printable

As its name indicates this board provides great printable materials for teachers. Browse through the different categories it features and you will definitely find something to use with your students

6- Kid Blog Network Activities and Crafts

This is a collaborative board from amazing bloggers that focus on activities and crafts for kids. With the foundational belief that playing and crafting with children improves well-being, creative thinking, and strengthens relationships.

7-  Blogs / Webpages

This board contains some interesting blogs and webpages for you as a teacher. Check them out

8- Melissa Board

Melissa is a educational pinner of high caliber.  She has created 130 boards and has more than 10.000 pins. She pins about classroom materials, teaching ideas, writing, math , and many more.

9- Aligator, Aligator

This is a great board curated by Debbie Clement who is an author and a songstress. She shares poems, songs for kids, and other interesting teaching materials. I love the little song she puts on her motto : "Alligator, alligator big & green. You've got the longest tail, I've ever seen.... swing it to the left, swing it to the right." 

10- Charity Board

This one here has over 70 boards including the popular classroom freebies, classroom ideas, and reading classroom.

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