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The Most Educated Nations in 2012

On reading the title of this post, your mind might have tried to come up with one or two answers and I am pretty sure your curiosity is driving you to see which nation has the privilege to be labelled the most educated . I am afraid the answer might be completely unpredictable. I myself was amazed to know that neither  the United States, nor Sweden or Norway are at the top three of the list. It is Russia that has the most educated populace.

The Education at a Glance 2012 study ( featured in this infographic by the best colleges ) has examined the educational systems of 34 OECD member countries and eight non members and found the amazing facts embedded in the graphic below. As you can see, United States is listed as the 5 most educated nation while Canada is the second . The study used the number of holders of educational degrees as criteria in classifying nations. They looked into how many people have BAs, Masters, Ph.ds..ect. But sharing this infographic here on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning does not mean that we endorse its content or attest to the veracity of its information. The aim is to spark a further discussion about the statistics mentioned below and probably extend your research  into this topic.

So what do you think about the facts included below ? do you agree ? Are they surprising to you ? Most Educated Nations of the World

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