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My Favourite Presentation Tools as A Teacher

Sometimes emails I get from my readers are too personal for me to include in posts here.But this time the case is different. I received a question from one of my readers from Norway asking me about the presentation tools I personally use both as a teacher and blogger. I did not want to direct him to a post I have already published here a couple of months ago under the title " The Best Presentation Tools for Teachers " simply because the question was personal.

Well in fact I don't use only one tool but a host of different ones. I ,most of the time, select the tool based on the kind of work I am going to do and the audience it will target (  a presentation I create  to share with my students will definitely not be similar to one I have to present in a conference or in university or even with you here.)

Here is a list of my favourite presentation tools . These tools are listed in no order of preference.

1- Google Docs Presentations

I love Google Docs presentations and It is always one of the choices I have recourse to most often. I don't know if it is because of  its ease of use or its friendly surface or simply because I am used to it , but yes it is one of my favourite presentation tools.

2- Microsoft PowerPoint

This is another presentation tool I love so much. I have a very strong  relationship with PowerPoint for it is via this tool that I created my first presentation ever some years ago and since then I stayed attached to it  even with the abundance of sophisticated tools online. Another good thing about PowePoint is that I can work on it even when there is no internet connection and all I do when I finish my work is  save on my computer till I get  online

3- Prezentit

This is also another of my favourites. It is very easy to use and has an awesome interface and what I like the most about it is its preloaded colourful palette and themes.

4-  Prezi

This is a little bit advanced tool that I use to share my presentations in university and here too. I like the dynamism it gives to presentations as an alternative to the static traditional slideshows.

5- Empressr

I also like Empressr for the interactivity it gives to pictures, graphs, and diagrams. It is my first choice when it comes to using statistical information in presentations.

So what do you think about these tools ? are they your favourites too or do you like others ?

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