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10 Ways Teachers Can Use YouTube

Happy belated Teacher Day. In fact every day should be Teacher Day because teaching is one of the noble jobs one can have. It not only changes people's lives but it also makes it better and if you ever question it then think about who helped you learn  to read what you are reading now.Teachers change the world by spreading knowledge and making an impact on their students from the classroom through to the rest of their lives.

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To celebrate Teacher Day , YouTube Edu has created and dedicated the slideshow below to teachers. This is basically a list of 10  ways for teachers to use YouTube. I invite you to have a look at the slideshow and probably download it for later reference.

Here is in brief the 10 ways YouTube Edu recommends for teachers using YouTube :

1- Hooks and Discussion Strategies
2-Save The Videos you Find
3- Archive your Work
4- Extension Opportunities
5-  Exam Review
6- YouTube Center/Station
7- Video Message your Students
8- Create Interactive Videos
9-Flip your Classroom
10- Personalize your Classroom

Click on the Image to read the slideshow

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