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What your Students Must Know about Cell Phone Use in The classroom

Cell phone etiquette is something we should explain to our students especially in this first month of their school year.There is now a growing cell phone culture among our kids and nobody ever can expect where it is leading them . But as teachers and educators, it becomes ethically compulsory for us to teach them how to use these communication devices responsibly and how to respect their peers while using them.

I just came across this great poster in The Innovative Educator Blog which can help you educate your students about cell phone etiquette. It contains some great tips on how students should be using their phones. Try to print it out and post it on your classroom wall for everyone to read.

  If you want more educational posters to use in your classroom then check it out this link.

Cell Phone Etiquette
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  1. When I taught in S. Korea several years ago, I worked for 2 years in a high school (2007-2008), the rule in class was very simple. I see/hear it, I keep it until the last class. They had to ask me nicely then I would give it back. One day a student got caught with his nice phone and made the mistake of saying he wanted to switch and give me his not so nice phone in exchange all that while pulling out his second phone. What happened? I took his 2 phones. He hated me for that for a while.


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