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100+ Tips on how to Integrate iPad into your Classroom

I don't think you should ever miss this slide from Tom Barret. It is one of the best ones available online that provides awesome tips on how teachers can use iPad in their classrooms. We have already covered this topic in several posts in the past but upon checking this slideshow we discovered we mere missing some other tips which we are really glad to know about.

The slideshow features 102 ways to use iPad in the classroom and these tips are relevant for all teachers regardless of the subject matter or content area they teach. Most of these tips if not all are accompanied by links to apps that you can download and use on your iPad, not all of the apps included are free but they are really great.

If you are planning to kick off this school year with an overall plan on the integration of iPad in your teaching then I recommend you bookmark and download the slideshow below, it will be of great help all throughout the way.

Here is the link to read and download it in Google Docs.

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