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Parents Guide on The Use of Pinterest

Pinterest has really revolutionized visual bookmarking and within just few months since its launch it counted thousands and thousands of members and is still exponentially growing in popularity that it catches up with the other long standing popular platforms such as Diigo , Stumble Upon, and Digg.

If you had the chance to join Pinterest then you might have noticed the ease of use that characterizes its pinning together with the great visual  features it offers to its users.Of course trying to look at Pinterest from an educational perspective would even open up some other opportunities for improving learning and teaching. There are several ways we can leverage the potential of this visual bookmarking tool to education and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted a detailed guide on the different ways teachers and students can use Pinterest which you can check to learn more.

In this post we are introducing you to Pinterest but from a parental perspective. Pinterest for Parents is an awesome guide not only for parents but for non-parents as well. It has guidelines for teachers on how to use it with their students, it also includes illustrations and graphic tutorials on the different components of a visual board and many more. In short, this is a guide that is really worth your time.

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