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Free Worksheets and Printables for Teachers

We have recently started publishing a series of posts about free educational web resources for teachers and educators.These posts provide some freebies relevant to different content areas and subject matters. We want teachers to have an instant access to technology resources they might need in their teaching .

Up till now we have covered free resources on the teaching of :  MathScienceLanguage ArtsSocial Studies , Music Education , Economics, and Physical Education and Health. . Today we are adding a list of another useful set of resources but this time on worksheet and printables.

As you know worksheets and printables are very important elements in the learning-teaching process and sometimes we feel stucked when looking for worksheets to use with our students. There are thousands of worksheets online but not all are up standards. We have curated a list of some great websites where you can safely have access to a plethora of different worksheets and printables pertaining to different content areas.

1- Free Teachers Printables

This website provides free teachers and classroom printables that you can download, customize, and print. Printables include : attendance charts, grading sheets, lesson planning forms, communication forms, office passes, school calendars, and more.

2- Discovery Education Worksheets

Discovery Education has many awesome educational worksheets in store for you. These worksheets are created by teachers and organized by category and listed by title and grade level.

3- Have Fun Teaching

This is another great resource for teachers. It provides free worksheets, coloring pages, flashcards, activities, songs, tools and many more.

4- Personal Educational Press

This is a platform where you can easily create educational worksheets such as flashcards, game boards, and quizzes and print them directly from your browser.

5- Teachnology: Classroom Materials Makers

Teachnology offers some great generators that will allow you to make classroom materials by filling out a simple form. The materials are made instantly and can be printed directly from your computer.

6- Freeology

Freeology is a website that provides a lot of free resources for teachers. These resources include : graphic organizers, teachers forms, worksheet creator, fun learning games and more. Just browse the categories on the left hand side to access everything you want.

7- Free Worksheets

As its name indicates, this platform offers more than 17.000 free worksheets that teachers can use in their classroom and with their students.

8- School Express

School Express has a huge library of worksheets and printables for teachers. Scroll down to see all the categories listed.

9- Busy Teachers Cafe

This website offers some awesome classroom management forms. Most those forms can be customized with your own text.

10- Education Oasis

Most of the printables Education Oasis offers are PDF file that can be easily printed out. Some of them can also be filled out and printed.

11- Worksheets for Teachers

This is a great resource for k-12 educators. It contains worksheets, printables, units, theme pages, crosswords, puzzles, workbooks, awards, certificates, and more.

12- Worksheet library

This is a library of more than 19.340 worksheets, printables and more.

If you have other resources where teachers can find and print free worksheets , please share them with us below.

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