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Teacher Free Web Resources on Economics

1- EconEdLink

Economics Web Resources

EconEdLink is the leading source of online economic and personal finance lessons and resources for educators, students and after school providers.

2- The Stock Market Game

Economics Web Resources

The Stock Market Game gives students the chance to learn economics and financial concepts they will use for the rest of their lives.

3- You Are Here

Economics Web Resources

You Are Here provides you with resources to teach kids about today's marketplace. The site is intended for students in 5th through 8th grade and can be used to complement lessons in critical thinking, writing,language arts, media literacy, business, civics, and social studies.

4- Hands on Banking

Economics Web Resources

This is where you get to learn money skills you need for your life. It provides resources, programs, tips and many more.

5- Treasury

Economics Web Resources

This is the official  US Department of the Treasury where you can find lesson plans and classroom activities about many key economic notions.

6- Federal Reserve Education

Economics Web Resources

This website offers several lesson plans, publications, and powerpoints on economics. Use the search box there to look for what you need.

7- The Mint

Economics Web Resources
This site is designed to help you teach 6-12 graders how to manage money wisely.

8- Council for Economic Education

Economics Web Resources

This platform offers several resources  on the teaching and learning of economics.

9- Practical Money Skills

Economics Web Resources

As its name indicates, this website is created with the purpose of helping teachers and parents teach their kids better money skills. It provides activities, games, lessons and many more.

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