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A List of Awesome 10 New Web Tools for Educators

1- Keen Talks

educational web tools

Keen Talks is similar to TED , it provides some awesome and engaging talks, lectures, and presentations.

2- Due.IM

educational web tools

Due.IM is a simple website that lets users send password-protected messages that are instantly deleted after they are read.

3- 3DPageFlip PDF to HTML

educational web tools

This is a desktop application for Windows. It converts PDF files to HTML files, this is mainly useful if you want to convert a large PDF file to embed in your website.

4- Tweetinsight

educational web tools

This is an awesome Twitter tool that allows users to find out the most trended topics on their Twitter news feed.

5- Linxy

educational web tools

Linxy helps you quickly obtain information when reading books or magazines. Just point it on a text and it instantly obtain word explanations or definitions.

6- Jeopardy Labs

educational web tools

JeopardyLabs lets you create your own games. You can design your customized template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be palyed online and from anywhere in the world.


educational web tools

FilmStory is a great free website that helps users learn about the past through films. You can just select the country you want and FilmStory instantly provides you with a bunch of films on its historical events.


educational web tools

Quilt is a scrapbook that you can use to document events or anything you want. You can invite friends to help you and after you are done you can share your work online

9- Textivate

educational web tools

Textivate allows you to automatically generate a range of interactive browser-based activities based on any text of up to 500 words.

10- Mobento

educational web tools

Mobento offers you a more effecient way to enjoy videos. It allows you to search inside the video and search for words that were spoken and many more.

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